I am scheduled to appear on KSRM 920am radio's Sound Off program on the following dates and times: Monday September 12 at 10:00am, Monday September 19 at 9:00am, Monday October 10 at 10:00am and Monday October 24 at 9:00am.  In addition KSRM is planning a HD 30 live on air candidate forum during the month of October.  www.radiokenai.us/category/ksrm

Also, I am scheduled to appear on KKNI, the Eagle;105.3FM radio's Tall, Dark & Handsome show on Monday September 19 at 4:00pm.  Live stream at: www.eagle1053.com


September 8, 2016 Chairman, Alaska Constitution Party (907) 690-5200 / jr@jrmyers.org

Governor Walker Has Broken Faith With the People of Alaska and Should Be Replaced


Soldotna, Alaska—After campaigning on a platform of sustainable spending, protecting the PFD, and regaining control of Alaska’s natural resources, there is no longer any doubt that Governor Walker’s administration has been a monumental failure for Alaskans. In October 2014, less than 30 days before his election, Governor Walker declared:

“I have no intention to implement a statewide tax or paying for state government
by reducing Permanent Fund dividend checks.”

Since his election, we have now seen what Walker’s position actually is. He has unilaterally vetoed the payment of Alaskans’ Permanent Fund Dividend checks. Since becoming governor, he has repeatedly pushed proposals for statewide taxes. He has not only failed to regain control of Alaska’s natural resources, but has stood by silently while the federal government has asserted control over even more of Alaska’s resources during his tenure. All this, and Walker is not even halfway through his term yet.
As if these were not enough, Governor Walker has now proposed a plan to attack the permanent fund itself, by asking the permanent fund to pay for state obligations that he himself vetoed in 2015 and again this year. While he and his administration try to couch the plan as an “investment”, vigilant Alaskans already see it for what it is: A brazen attempt to use the corpus of the Permanent Fund to pay for the costs of state government.
In its first ever campaign for governor and lieutenant governor, the Alaska Constitution Party received the votes of 6,987 Alaskans, securing 2.5% of the total vote, an amount greater than the difference between the Republican and the Democratic/Independent candidates. Building a new party and recruiting quality candidates for public office is a long-term project. We were never under the impression that this would be easy, or that our goals would not require dedicated and persistent effort over time. In the current election cycle, the Alaska Constitution Party has been pleased to recruit and support seven candidates for public office, including four current candidates for the state legislature. The experience gained through these campaigns will in turn be used to recruit and support other candidates and campaigns in future election cycles.
Today, the Alaska Constitution Party declares that Governor Walker has broken faith with the people of Alaska and should be replaced. Toward this end, the Alaska Constitution Party announces its support for the current effort to recall Bill Walker, and welcomes candidates committed to the mission and platform of the party to seek nomination for the position of Alaska Governor and Lieutenant Governor in the 2018 election cycle. With the help of men and women of conviction all across the state of Alaska, we will build on our successes in the 2014 election cycle to accomplish the goals and mission of our party:
“The Mission of the Alaska Constitution Party is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through education, grassroots activism and the election process.
At all levels of government, we support candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights in their original intent.
It is our duty to limit the state and federal governments to their delegated, enumerated and Constitutional functions.”
For additional information, please contact J.R. Myers, Chairman of Alaska Constitution Party at jr@jrmyers.org or (907) 690-5200.


J.R.MYERS for Alaska State House District 30 (Kenai/Soldotna)


It's 2016, and election season is now upon us. Many have watched the continuing antics of the old parties with alarm as our world descends into chaos. Where are our real leaders? Where is our hope? It's easy to tune out and turn off to the whole process. Why vote?

Of course, that's what the enemies of Freedom hope you'll do. Go back to sleep, or simply give up. The old parties are counting on apathy and ignorance. They know that, "The Wicked Prosper, when Good People do nothing." Thankfully, we still have a little time to awaken, engage in the process and make a difference!

I will boldly uphold our Judeo-Christian heritage and biblical Faith in the public arena. I will do this through common sense, consistency, courage and commitment to the Rule of Law.

Campaign expenses include travel, the website, social media outreach, mail, phone calls and petitioning and ballot drives. As you know, no campaign is a one man show. It is a team built by all those who contribute their time, treasure or talent. Join our team today, we need your help now!

I am committed to promote our ideals of Liberty, as articulated in the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as originally understood.

I ask you to support my campaign. I will faithfully carry forth the message of Constitutional Liberty and Government Restraint. With your help, we can make a difference in the restoration of our beloved Republic.

You may click the Donate button in the upper right of this page, or send a check or money order to:

People for J.R.Myers
P.O.Box 2086
Soldotna, Alaska 99669

Honoring Our Heritage, Pioneering Our Future!




J.R. is in his third term as Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party (ACP).  

He was the ACP nominee for Alaska Governor in 2014.  

He has also served as President of the Alaska  Counseling Association, and works as a Behavioral Health Consultant.


My campaign will address many issues to include ballot access and debate inclusion.  

We must acknowledge and defend our Judeo-Christian heritage, our Constitution and the Rule of Law.  

We must foster individual moral responsibility in the exercise of our freedoms.  

We must refrain from foreign conflicts not our own, yet vigorously defend our borders from those who seek our harm.

We must exercise our legitimate sovereignty, including over our Arctic lands.  

Our nation is in trouble as never before.  I ask for your prayers and support in this endeavor."


POB 2086
Soldotna, AK 99669